Book Talk 4/14/17


Book Talk…4/14/17

Traci Kenworth


City of Fallen Angels: Book Four of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandre Clare. McElderry Books. 2011.

The book picks ups with Simon Lewis waiting for one of his girlfriends. Yes, one. He has two: Isabelle or Izzy the Shadowhunter and Maia, the werewolf. He, himself, is a Daylighter or a vampire with the power to walk through night and day. He also has the Mark of Cain which is bad news for those trying to attack him of late. He’s unsure what they want.

When he’s summoned to a meeting with Camille, the ancient leader of the vampires who turned him, she asks for his help to take down Raphael, who is currently head of the clan. She offers him secrets like how to blend in with humans more than he does. A safe place to rest now that his mother has discovered what he is. But there will be a price. Simon isn’t sure he wants to pay it or that he trusts her.

Clary Fray and Jace Lightwood are a couple now but their romance has never been easy. Jace is having nightmares in which he kills Clary. Clary thinks he wants to break up with her because he keeps leaving the same places they’re in. Even the training he’s supposed to be doing with her is suffering. In desperation, Jace tries to help Simon figure out who his attackers are since he can’t be with Clary.

When an ancient evil bears down on all of them, picking them apart one by one, will they be able to fight it? And what will be their price?

I LOVE these books but it’s been a long while since I read three and I previously read all but the end of four and it just got misplaced when I moved and I didn’t pull it out till recently. However, reading through it now, I found myself majorly confused. First, they mention that Jace, Isabelle, and Sebastion are siblings. Later, they say Jace has a different mother and father than the others. How can they therefore, be siblings? I understand that Jace was raised to believe he’s the evil Valentine’s son and Sebastion really WAS Valentine’s son and CLARY’S brother. But how does Isabelle fit into the mix? Further into the story, she tells that her siblings are Max and Alec which I knew from earlier books.

The world is not as easy to figure out as I once thought. Does anyone else find these books confusing? I will still read on as like I said, I love the pairings of Jace and Clary and Simon and Isabelle. Oh, and others too. It’s just kind of jarring to read these so far apart I guess. I love twists and turns in my stories but too many leave you with whiplash.

I gave it *** and ½ stars.

4 thoughts on “Book Talk 4/14/17

  1. It’s been a long time since I read them, so I don’t remember if I found them confusing or not. I enjoyed them but thought they went on too long. I haven’t read the new series yet.

    My favorite was the Infernal Devices series, as I loved the time period–Victorian England, and adored the character of Jem!

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    1. Haven’t read Infernal Devices. I’m considering it but haven’t decided yet. It may be because I haven’t read Mortal Instruments books 1-3 in so long but like I said, I do love the characters.


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