Book Talk 3/24/17


Book Talk…3/24/17

Traci Kenworth


The Successful Author Mindset by Joanna Penn. 2016 The Creative Penn Limited.

“the storms of the creative process can derail us unless we understand that they are just part of the way forward.”

I LOVE the quotes in this book. They are from Stephen King to Susan Kay Quinn. This book was my first foray into the self-publishing book world, or rather the how-to of it all. She goes over everything from how you feel just starting out. Lost. Confused. Ready to bolt. Been there!

She takes you from before your book to afterward. The journey to self-publishing may be a long one but it is a satisfying one per Joanna Penn. I have only recently found her blog and books but I’ve already gotten a second one of hers that I’m going through. I love, love, love how she lays things out. I didn’t feel confident in my writing when I started reading this book, now I do. It’s all steps along the path. I am still nervous on all the things I need to learn to do this side of the business, but I feel I’m better prepared.

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