Book Talk…2/24/17


Book Talk…2/24/17

Traci Kenworth


Nature’s Fifth Season by Michelle Muto. Onedrive.


Nature’s Fifth Season is composed of four short stories and one novella. It is by an Indie author whose work I’ve long admired. I first read her The Haunting Season a couple of years ago, and couldn’t wait to get back to more of her work. I wasn’t disappointed by this book either. The first story is Eleanor, an elderly lady who has a lot of cats. Two teenagers come to rob her and discover too late that just because someone looks to be an easy victim, doesn’t mean they are. I shuddered at this story, so gruesome. I love cats and this one made me a little nervous, lol.

The Goblin is the next up. It’s about a boy who’s afraid of something under his bed. He wants the light left on to chase it away but things go a little dark in the story. In a word: awesome!

Crossroads is about a road trip that literally leads straight to hell. A couple must admit hard truths to each other when they are being hunted and things don’t look good for either. Inspired by a college course, it’s truly a ride you won’t forget.

The novella is Touch. It is a sad and bittersweet story about a girl and her dog who she rescues from a shelter. He fears she will leave him like his former family did. She needs him to sustain her through life’s hardships. Together, they are an unbeatable team. So, so heartbreaking and triumphant. A definite tear-jerker.

There you have it! Something for everyone. I love Michelle’s work and can’t wait to read more by her.



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