Writerly things 2/19/17


Writerly Things 2 /19/17

Traci Kenworth


So, I finished working on my worldbuilding. Well, except for writing the individual stories it recommends for each of the important characters. Experiences of what their childhood was like, if they were trained for war, etc. A lot of this applies to my world. I spent most of yesterday figuring out how to print my boards from Pinterest. I didn’t get all the pics to print out however.

Enough to go on though. I needed to be able to see my villages and how they’re set up so I can walk myself through each part and visualize it. It turns out, I had my map backwards. I had to change some landscapes, make others ruins. I’m glad I found out but I wish I’d discovered all this sooner. Originally, I had my world an off-shoot of Earth, another dimension so to speak but I’ve found out, it’s not. It’s a land on to itself.

The cheat sheet I’m using, also recommends you write a story about your characters discovering your main places as if new to them. I will be working on these stories all week and then hopefully, finally dig into rewriting that opening as discussed last week. I hear you should write five different openings before you decide which to go with. This will be my fifth one.

How are your WIPS going? Any problems? Solutions? Suggestions? Until next week, have a great day, take care, and God bless!

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