Book Talk 2/17/17


Book Talk 2/17/17

Traci Kenworth


Sarah by Teri Polen. 2016. Black Rose writing. Netgalley.

Cain Shannon and his family recently moved into a new house after the death of his father. Strange things begin happening. The attic door opens by itself. Cold spots deepen. Cain feels like he’s being watched. The family’s cat, Eby, acts spooked. Cain, a horror buff, wonders if his house is haunted. He and his friend joke about using a Ouija board to bring the spirit forth.

When they set up a camera to record things in his room, they catch a ghostly specter on it. Soon afterward, Sarah visits Cain for the first time. She says she wants his help. When he is knocked unconscious at his soccer game, he begins to experience periods of blackouts and find himself watching the football players with hostility. He breaks up with his girlfriend who manipulates him and finds new love. When more blackouts occur and one of the local football players dies, Cain will discover that Sarah isn’t the innocent she pretends to be. Can he defeat her and take back his life? Will he be able to save his friends and family?


OMGosh, I seriously LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book! If spooky is your thing, you need to get a copy NOW! I found the characters fascinating and well-drawn. Cain is sympathetic and completely believable as the preyed upon person. Not that he’s weak. He fights Sarah in his own way, but she is one vengeful spirit! At first, I didn’t get what was happening to him. Oh, the clues are there, I just didn’t pick up on them until the same time Cain does. And then, it’s like: how could I miss that?! I read this book with chills creeping up my spine at Sarah’s antics and a highly, highly recommend it!

My vote? *****

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    Traci Kenworth says Sarah caused “chills creeping up my spine” – drop by to read her review! If you’re looking for a genre-specific book to read, Traci regularly posts links to reviews on various blogs – an excellent resource.

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