Writerly Things…1/5/17


Writerly Things…2/5/17

Traci Kenworth


So, I’ve been reading Janice Hardy’s excellent book, Revising Your Novel. I’m gathering a plan as to what to do in the weeks ahead. First and foremost, I have to go back and write any scenes that I didn’t have/needed to figure out later. Some require a bit further research, some just need added. Her next suggestion is to re-outline your novel and take a look at what works, what doesn’t. I won’t begin to actually do this for another week, during which, I’ll continue to read and get some things I’ve put off done.

Like setting up an email/newsletter for future efforts. I’m still not convinced in doing so, but a lot of other writers recommend such. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to beat others who visit the website over the head with a sign-up option, but it’ll be there if you’d like to join. Also, I have some things to do around the house. Never-ending chores when you’re a single parent though my kids do help now that they’re older, thankfully.

I wanted to ask: I’ve asked this of another author recently and I wondered if you folks had any opinions. Do you know or have you used the formatting program, Jutoh? Is it worth the money? Or should I just invest in a good formatter/person? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

7 thoughts on “Writerly Things…1/5/17

  1. Hi, Traci. I’m not familiar with Jutoh. I have two novellas and one novel that are self-published (the rest are through my publisher) and I did the formatting on those myself. I think there are formatters out there who will handle formatting for you inexpensively.
    And yes, newsletters are great. I subscribe to several and send my own out approximately 4 times a year.

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    1. Thanks, Mae! I heard about this program through an author friend. Did you use a program to format the books or did you learn the coding necessary? I’m not that great at coding, so I thought maybe if this program (Jutoh) worked it would be worth the expense.

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