Book Talk…1/13/17


Book Talk…1/13/17

Traci Kenworth


Teach Me To Forget by Erica M. Chapman published by Merit Press, an Imprint of F&W Media 2017. YA.


Blurb: She can’t even get suicide right. She wants to die, but will her failed suicide actually lead her into the midst of life? When Ellery discovers a boy from school has his own tragic reasons for wanting to save her, will she reach out or will fear and despair keep her from meeting him halfway?


Ellery lost her little sister in a car accident. She was driving and believes that she killed her sister. It has been a year since Tate died. Her father has left after saying that he’d never forgive Ellery for killing his baby girl. Her mother is trying to hold on to what remains. Ellery, meanwhile, attempts to shoot herself. When the gun doesn’t work, she takes it back to the store for a refund. Once there, the security guard on duty, a senior from her high school, makes it his business to keep Ellery from taking her life.


Spoilers: Usually, I try and stay away from suicide books. I’ve read one other: Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. I loved that one and I have to say, this one is as moving as Asher’s. Ellery is such a tragic figure in the beginning, so lost and confused, and hopeless. By the end, she has down a hundred-and-eighty turn. Colter is someone who has lost another to suicide. His quiet determination to keep Ellery from doing the same is uplifting, heroic.

As someone who has been in the pit of that despair when younger, I can say that a book like this would’ve been really helpful. It would’ve given me someone to identify with and a reason for hope. I’m glad it’s there for other teens, other people to give them another day, another way to go on.

Ms. Chapman’s writing is eloquent and heart-wrenching. We love Ellery before the first chapter is through. Colter is definitely someone to root to win in this instance. I would highly recommend this book. Even though it deals with a heavy subject, it is worth the read. I can’t express how much a book like this is needed.



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