Book Talk…12/16/16


Book Talk…12/16/16

Traci Kenworth


Darkfall Dean Koontz. 1984 Berkley.


Unearthly silver white eyes…

They found four corpses in four days. Each more hideously disfigured than the last, the bodies punctured with dozens of tiny wounds.

Tapered fingers ending in razor claws…

At first they thought it was a psychopath. Then they thought it was a vicious gangland war. Then they thought packs of demonic rats were escaping through the ventilation system.

Slithering black forked tongues…

Then they saw the nightmare itself, in all its mottled, slimy horror, coming after them from every direction, and they realized that the Gates of Hell had been left open…


Jack Dawson and Rebecca Chandler have been assigned to what they think is an ordinary murder case but it becomes so much more. His daughter, Penny, sees the nightmare first, fears she is going crazy like she did when her mother died from cancer. She keeps quiet and the “goblins” begin to stalk her at home, at school, nowhere is safe.

Jack thinks the case has to do with voodoo but his partner is having none of that. He continues to probe into the worlds of Houngon and Bocor and what he finds chills him to the bone. When he confronts Rebecca with what is going on between the two of them and she sees evidence of the supernatural for herself, they realizes they have a short span of time to save his children and catch a madman.


This story kept me captivated from page one. It is Dean Koontz at his best. I know some people say that his writing is formulaic with always having a man and a woman and a child or animal to protect but here it works well. Better than well!! And what’s wrong with having the three essential characters or more? It gives us something to root for!!

I give *****.

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