Writerly Things…11/27/16


Writerly Things…11/27/16

Traci Kenworth


Nano, as you know, has not been going well for me. I didn’t have the drive to work on this project. Yesterday, however, the story snapped in place. Too late for Nano, but I’m going to continue on with it and see where it leads me.

Sometimes that’s the way things go. Writing a story, the first draft, for me anyway, is kind of like stumbling around in the dark. I have outlines, charts etc. but figuring out the story is time-consuming. I tried something different with this story, which is a new genre for me, although I’ve read extensively in it.

Attempting to force a book just doesn’t work for me. I’m not talking writer’s block here, I just couldn’t get the gist of why and how the story would work till I stepped back from it and let it sink in. Now, I can write it the way it was meant to be, not trying to recapture lost notes from ages ago. Yes, this idea has been in my trunk, one of my lost files which I attempted to write again. It didn’t work the way I’d originally set it down, but I think it might be a gem the way it’s going now.

Have you ever had a book erased from your files and tried to write it again? Did you succeed?

2 thoughts on “Writerly Things…11/27/16

    1. It came to a stand-still again here, but I’m going to try and just do what I always do, not worry about word count, just work on getting the scenes down. That seems to work better for me. It’s still hard to concentrate on this work with the editing, but I’m going to just go with the moments I have to spare for now.


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