Book Talk…11/25/16


Book Talk…11/25/16

Traci Kenworth


Campbell’s Seducton Sharon Cullen. Loveswept 2016. Netgalley.

Ian Campbell is known to be a traitor to Scotland, sympathizing with the English. Cait Campbell, lost her husband and Ian’s right hand man, years ago and that lose drove a wedge between the man she blames for his death and her. Now, Ian is at her door, needing her help as a healer while she is secretly helping his enemies escape.


I found the characters to be exciting and fresh. Ian is hated by his people and yet, he is secretly spying on the English. No one except those closest to him knows the truth. He’d like to bridge the gap between him and Cait but doesn’t know how. He doesn’t know if she’ll ever forgive him for her husband’s loss or his supposed betrayal of their people. Yet, she too, has her secrets. When they are forced to work together against a common enemy, they find themselves drawn to the other.

Cait’s anger is believable and Ian’s regret toward her as well. He had promised her husband to look after her, but failed in that. Now, it may be too late. Can they find a way to work through their secrets?

A ****

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