Book Talk…11/11/16

Book Talk…11/11/16

Traci Kenworth


  1. Heartless Marissa Meyer. 2016. Felwell and Friends Publishing. Netgalley.

This is the story of the Queen of Hearts and how she came to be that. It begins with Catherine whose deepest desire is to open a bakery with her friend and maid, Mary Ann. However, Catherine’s mother and father have other plans for her that include her marrying the King. While she does everything in her power to stave off his courtship, a jester captures her heart but he, too, is on a mission. Will the two find a way to beat the impossibility of being together?


I found the book exciting and suspenseful despite, of course, knowing the tale of Alice. Marissa Meyer’s writing is beautiful and she draws you into the tale from the get-go. All the characters are here with the exception of Alice. It’s nice to get a view of the behind the scenes before the legend is born.


  1. Highland Chieftan Hannah Howell. 2016. Kensington. Netgalley.

Bethoc lives with a cruel man who claims he is her father but who she knows is not. He brings young boys home to work his fields for him. She shelters all including a sister who she promised she’d never let out of her sight. While out on a walk one day, she is startled to find an injured man. She helps him to her hiding place—a cave near her home—and brings him food while he recovers. A romance develops but when the error of her father’s ways catch up with her, her fate is in the air. Can Callum save her?


This was a tale of two broken souls who find each other and hold on despite everything thrown against them. One mystery ends to begin another. It keeps you on your toes trying to discover if they can ever find a way to happiness.


  1. My Seductive Highlander Maeve Grayson. 2016. Loveswept. Netgalley.

The last of the Sinclair sisters is about to meet her match when Graham, the man who was cursed to be a dragon, and sent to the future to protect her. With her guardian dying, Lillia is vulnerable as one who can feel the emotions of those around her. She is stunned when Graham finds her and vows to make her his.


This was a highly satisfying end to the series. I enjoyed getting to know the Sinclairs and their granny. The book brings you to tears several times, especially the ending. Maeve Grayson has a way with her stories of making you feel like you’re right there.

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