Writerly Things…8/28/16


Writerly Things…8/28/16

Traci Kenworth


Spent the weekend doing frantic school shopping for my son. It’s hard to find clothes for the big and tall, lol. All the mall has is skinny jeans that are way too short for him. We did enjoy the food court though. The Asian and Charley’s Philly Cheesesteak booths were fabulous!! Charley’s offered my daughter a gluten-free meal out of all the restaurants around us.

On the writing front, still editing. Life has been busy, busy and it’s hard to find time to do so but I slowly chip away at what needs done as things go along. I had two Adult projects that one was chosen more than the other, so I’ll go the historical route first. I LOVE both ideas though, so I will definitely go back to the second. I think everyone wants me to stretch my writing muscles in a different direction than I normally write. It could be good for me.

I’m working on getting more pictures done. We spent some time in the park taking some. We still have to do family photos and photos with my son. They will be Christmas card photos and double as Senior pictures for my son and daughter. As well as new author photos for me. I thank my lovely niece, Cassie, for taking them. Hope you all have a beautiful week!! Take care and God bless!!



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