Writerly Things…8/21/16


Writerly Things…8/21/16

Traci Kenworth


It’s been a frantic, lonely week. Not that my kids haven’t been with me, just that I miss my cat. I miss seeing her around the house, her sweet face, the greeting she had for me. It will get better, I know.

I’ve learned some interesting things this week while looking at blogs around the web. I’ve learned about poison and the stones the wealthy used to keep in hopes of warding it off. I’ve learned about familiar spirits or the djinn and I’m pretty sure I can work that into a story at some point. And then there’s the purse under the trash can that Craig Boyack mentioned in his blog that’s got me thinking. Ideas can and do come from anywhere. I think the dijinn tie into my current WIP. The poison could too since it’s set in the medieval times. Couldn’t be too trusting in those days!!

I’ve also been researching my next project which involves an academy of sorts. There’s going to be lots of fun characters in this one. Even the teachers/professors are interesting. I still have to weave the plot together but I’m working on that a little each night. I may just hop on the merry-go-round and start a second project at the same time, this one a romance. Historical. Set shortly after the Revolutionary War. I was holding off on it, in search of CPs, but I’ve just got word about another writing group forming and I’m interested in belonging to that.

Everyone have a great week!! Take care and God bless!!

5 thoughts on “Writerly Things…8/21/16

    1. Yes, I’m trying to be more thorough in my research and learn as much as I can about potential story ideas. A problem I’m having right now is the maps of my world. I’m horrible at map making but they say it helps lay out things in case of sequels.

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      1. I basically just don’t want to have the places mixed up if I do get into sequel material. I have rough maps. I’m not much for drawing mountains and such, lol. I do what I can but I’m not sure a reader could understand them.

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