Writerly Things…7/31/16


Writerly Things…7/31/16

Traci Kenworth


The first week of chauffeuring went as expected, lol. Glad to be set in a routine again though. It helps with writing as well as my other chores. As I prepare for another week, health problems loom. I’m having pain on my right side. I went in for an ultrasound Fri. So I will be looking into that in the weeks ahead as well.

It’s been SO hot here in Ohio. If it wasn’t for the A/C…

We have lots of wildlife where we are. Bunnies run through the yard. Squirrels are everywhere. Raccoons, deer, fox. We live in hilly Amish country. I love the quiet though. It’s such a change of pace out here from being in town or a city. I’m thankful to have raised my kids in such a beautiful place. The drawbacks are: you can’t get a pizza delivered around here and well, there’s a big problem with the water right now. That’s why I use bottled water for drinking and cooking.

I didn’t get to looking into the newsletter info. I’m still not certain I need one at this point. I know, I know, it’s recommended that you start one long before you need it. I just don’t know what I’d put in it other than when publishing news comes about. I get so many newsletters in my email now that it’s hard to decipher which ones to pay attention to. My favorite writers, for sure, but other than that, I get a lot of authors wanting arcs read. I wish I had more time to read them, but I find I need to carve time to read anymore and I don’t always have the quick turn-around time that they need.

On the writing front, I started adding more to my WIP. I’m about halfway through now. I realized I need more fleshing out done in what I had. I’ve been going back through some old files and might try my hand at a short story here in the future again. It all depends on what happens in the days ahead.  Take care and God bless.



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