Writerly Things…7/24/16


Writerly Things…7/25/16

Traci Kenworth


It’s been an eventful week!! My daughter who worked at a temp service was let go a couple weeks ago and now has a new job through them, so I’m excited for her. She’ll be working with electronics. This location is also closer to us which is good since I’ll be taking her to and from work. The other job was in an area that brought back bad memories to me so I am thankful I no longer have to revisit it. She is a hard worker and such a trooper. She is taking business classes right now with the intent of someday opening her own gluten-free bakery.

I’ve been steadily reaching back through chapters I lost during a computer switch which thankfully, I had hand written in journals so they just needed re-typed into my word documents to move forward. I’ve completed another couple chapters this weekend as well. I’m almost halfway through this draft of the WIP. I’ve found some neat pictures on Pixabay this week. One of which reminds me of the treehouses my one people live in. Another reminds me of the magic my protagonist can do. It’s neat to find images of something that you only imagine and think, that’s almost exactly like what I was thinking. Creating can be an amazing job!

I’ve also started the research/character workups for my next project. It may veer a bit from the fantasy mold toward the dark side of horror. I’m not sure how much more though at this point. It’s something different, I’m not sure how readers will feel about it, but it’s a project that draws my interest. Sometimes that’s how things go. You write something that others may or may not like, but you have to strive to move forward, to change and grow, otherwise things go stagnant.

So, I’m going to try and figure out how to do a newsletter through mailchimp. They say you should start one early before you publish. Have no idea what to do with it yet though. Do you all like newsletters? Do they bore you? I don’t want to be all about selling. I want to do something fun, something to get to know all of you. What things would interest you? For writers, any tips on what to include in a newsletter? Until next time, God bless!!



2 thoughts on “Writerly Things…7/24/16

  1. I have mixed feelings about doing one. I’m kind of hesitant, but I’ve read that you need one. I don’t plan to be annoying. Just to put one out when I have something coming out, but still, there’s an edge to being a salesperson, I’d rather not be, lol.


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