Writerly Things…7/3/16


Writerly Things…7/3/16

Traci Kenworth


The trouble with all the genres I write in is they’re all over the place. Continuously, I hear that I should pick a genre and stick with it. Branding is good is the word. I hear just as many others, mostly Indie writers, who say go for it. I’m teetering on what to do. Should I pick a genre, age as well and stick with it? Should I write what I want? How do you decide? I see advantages to both traditional and Indie publishing. I’m kind of concerned lately though after reading Bob Mayer’s and Kristen Kathyrn Rusch’s blogs about the midlist disappearing and why going traditional might waste a couple years of your time after which you’d have to start over again anyway on Indie if you don’t become one of the Big Superstars of the writing kingdom.


I like to think my writing is good, but I don’t know if it’s that level of good yet. Or if it’ll ever reach that plateau. There can only be so many at the top. It’s a place to aspire to, for sure. I thought I could try using pennames for different genres. The idea of separate blogs for each doesn’t appeal to me though. I’ve tried it before and like Kristen Lamb says, it’s way too much work. Why can’t a writer write in different genres and for different age groups as well? Is there some unspoken law that says the work will be less than the other? Does some fallout happen? Do readers not want to read different genres with the same author? And if so, why?


Anyone want to share which direction they went and why? Do you regret your choice?  

4 thoughts on “Writerly Things…7/3/16

  1. I honestly believe it is better to pick a target audience and keep trying to break into that audience. Personally, I can’t do that. I read broadly, and I write broadly too. A big part of my writing is the happiness it brings me. I’d rather bounce around writing the kind of stories I want to read than force myself to target a specific genre. It will probably keep me from success, but it makes me happy.

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    1. I’m like that as well, Craig. The stories come to me as what they’re meant to be and sometimes that’s different age groups, sometimes different genres. I don’t want to get stuck writing the same thing forever. I want to do the stories as they occur to me.

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