Writerly Things…6/12/16


Book Talk…6/11/16

Traci Kenworth


This One Moment Stina Lindenblatt


After a personal tragedy, Nolan walked away from his hometown and the girl that he loved who never knew he did so. Winning fame in a rock band, and now known as Tyler Erickson, Nolan stayed as far away from Hailey as possible but when she is assaulted, he rushes back to her side, determined to find whoever’s responsible. What he doesn’t count on is the fact that Hailey had been falling for him before he left town, or that those old feelings for her hadn’t faded. Now, drawn together, they must discover if love is worth taking the chance, defying fame expectations, and solving a mystery.


I LOVED this!! The characters are well drawn and pull you in from page one. I don’t really like to read about rock stars or bands but this book was hard to put down and I felt I came away with a different impression of what it might be like to be under the glare of fame. Hailey is confused about what’s going on around her and doesn’t remember the attack but she seems braver than you’d expect. Which, I suppose is true of most of us facing these circumstances. You think you don’t have the strength to stand up and protect yourself, but somehow, you do. I like that about her.


The plot moved at a steady pace. I had no idea who to expect was behind the attack until it was revealed. I love a mystery and this truly was one. The romance was sizzling. From the moment, Nolan is reunited with Hailey, it’s as if time never went by without each other in their lives.


5 stars!!

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