Writerly Things…5/22/16


Writerly Things…5/21/16

Traci Kenworth


Not too much done this week. Been ill. I spent the week annoyed/frustrated with Word/Office 365 as I’m having issues with the keyboard. I have no problem typing things into my blog but when I try to type in Office 365, it types like one keystroke every ten minutes. I kid you not!! And then sometimes it mixes the words together or types extras of the same letter. Ergh!! I’m trying to edit as it is and this just adds to the tension, lol. I’m a fast typer normally but this makes me slow to a crawl and it has me hating my time at the computer lately or wanting to chuck it out the window!! Of course, I’ve got to get over this and just continue editing, hoping Office works this out.


In other news, I got some good tidings in my finances!! My income got halved this year and after a legal battle, I should see relief coming my way in the future. Of course, now I have to dig myself out of the financial mess of my credit and that will take a while to resolve, but at least there’s news. And with news, I can make a plan and move forward as best I can.


My daughter will be graduating soon and that’s got me a little sad. She will still be around as she attends college unless she lives on campus but it’s got me thinking of all the future she has before her. A good thing, of course, but it’s tough to just let your kids put everything in their hands and make their decisions. You can advise of course but they don’t necessarily have to take the advice. You want the best for them. Sometimes you just have to get out of their way though. As a single parent, you do the best you can.


My son still has some years to go, so hopefully, I’ll be more prepared when it’s his turn to go.


I’ve been under the weather with a sinus infection/asthma inflammation and it’s won the battle most of the time. My meds are all gone, but the illness isn’t. Sigh. Hopefully, soon. Wishing you the best in the week ahead!! Slay those pages!! Until next time—


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