Book Talk…5/13/16


Book Talk…5/14/16

Traci Kenworth


The Ghost Pirates and Others William Hope Hodgson. 2012 Night Shade Books.

Spooky tales set at sea. The first tale, The Ghost Pirates, is about a man returning home and having the unfortunate luck to draw the Mortzestus, a ship rumored to be haunted. At first, everyone laughs at this. All but the one man who never left the ship with the last crew. He’s determined to draw his pay. Things go from bad to worse on this ship as accident after accident happens. And then, Jessop begins to see things that make hime wonder. By the time the ghost pirates arrive, panic is full scale aboard the ship. I found the tale a bit slow in parts but otherwise, intriguing.


A Tropical Horror and The Stone Ship are my favorites. A monster like no other rises deep at sea and proceeds to terrorize the crew aboard the Glen Doon in the former. In the latter, a stone ship is found at sea with a mighty secret aboard for one man. Will he survive?


The Sea Horses about a boy whose Grandpa caught a sea horse for him is another good one as is The Searcher at End House which deals with a mystery and a haunting for a young man and his mother. The Voice in the Night is an honorable mention as well. I guess that means, I liked more than I didn’t. And I don’t recall any particular story I didn’t like at all. Willam Hope Hodgson has a haunting quality to his work and really knows about a life at sea. I could almost feel the waves splashing off the page as I read.


I give it a 4 stars!!

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