Book Talk…5/6/16

Book Talk…5/6/16

Traci Kenworth


A Highly Suspicious Death Seacoast Cozy Mystery Book One by Laura Pauling. Indie. 2016.


Devon is a treasure painter who is startled to find a body washed up on his shore. The lovely lady in question, Francesa Lovely has lost her memory and may quite possibly be a murderer. That is, if Devon isn’t. As the two investigate, more suspects arrive on the shore from the yacht of the billionaire victim. As Devon wonders if all of this has to do with the treasure paintings his family has searched for the pirate treasure of all these years, Fran seeks to discover who she is. The truth of the matter may be right before them.


This is a charming novel.  I’ve never read a cozy mystery before so I was pleasantly surprised. The twists and turns kept me guessing and I didn’t figure out the murder in the end. The characters were complex and mysterious. They kept me guessing all the way. I would definitely read another one of these mysteries.


There is a story within a story here that concerns a noble woman, Lucy, and a noble man, Edward, both of whom are penniless, each thinking the other will save them from destitution. When the woman’s dowry is stolen, she seeks to find the thief while passing her friend off to marry Edward who she’s certain is a bore. Edward is being forced to marry for his own reasons and doesn’t want to be settled with a prim-and-proper society lady. What both find is a delight to each other. Just who they become is a surprise in itself.


These aren’t your typical aristocrats. Lucy wants to further her education and go on adventures. Edward would rather be out at sea than forced into the predicament he’s in. The two coming together is magical!!


4 stars!!51jZ8BnkVcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

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