Writerly Things 4/30/16

Verne Ho Unsplash

Verne Ho Unsplash

Writerly Things…4/30/16

Traci Kenworth


This week I got to spend helping my lovely niece and her family move into their new place. It was fun and brought back memories of my own moves. The kids and I plan to fix up our place a little more and someday hope to move to a bigger house.


Writing-wise, I finished another couple chaps on draft 3. Sent off to my fabulous critique group. Now, I’ll go back and apply edits to the previous three chaps I just got back. It’s been slow going as my glasses are pretty bad. I ordered new ones this week which should help but they can’t get here fast enough!! I will have to get used to the bifocals again. Just a line, but haven’t had them for a long while.


I’ve been trying to find time to work on getting a newsletter started. I have the links, just have to go through the tutorial again. Not sure how much of a success it will be at first, with no novels available.


I also have a couple of podcasts to listen to. I know podcasts are supposed to be a new tool for writers. I’m kind of afraid to take that step right now though. Maybe in the future though. I do want to reach more people. What are some things you’ve tried to bring others to your webpage?


Until next week, take care!!

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