Writerly Things…4/10/16

Stefan Kunze Unsplash

Stefan Kunze Unsplash


Writerly Things…4/8/16

Traci Kenworth


How do you prefer to do your writing? Laptop? Pen and paper?


I do my writing in longhand form first. Sometimes, if I’m having trouble with a scene I’ll just sketch it out longhand and then put it on the computer. Once there, I do further sketching so to speak as I rework the scene until its where I want. Of course, this is to say I do this in editing form which I’m in the process of doing right now. Usually with the first draft, I just write it in longhand as fast as I can. As I do this and have trouble figuring out what to say or where to go in the scene, I make notes to myself as to what I want to happen for example  Need action scene here, Robb runs away, Karrie discovers a secret. I do this so that the action of writing the first draft doesn’t stall for me.


And, yes, I have off-days. I sometimes go for days without writing because something comes up at home, appts., or time just gets away from me. When you’re a single mom and in charge of things running a household, taking care of everyone’s stuff is sometimes overwhelming. I do the best I can to get through. Right now, I’m in the middle of a personal crisis and the writing suffers. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve got things happening in your personal or professional life for that matter. Things will keep and you just get back in there when you’re ready.


I got a wonderful guide from Janice Hardy’s blog Fiction University. She breaks down step-by-step what you should focus on in edits from the big picture to the smaller stuff. I hope it’ll maybe give you some pointers as well. I hope I don’t need to say this but I will for the newer writers: only see if the advice may work in your process. If it doesn’t, stick with what you have or keep searching. I’m always on the look out to improve.

6 thoughts on “Writerly Things…4/10/16

  1. Because I am a three fingered keyboard worker, weak in the art of clickety clicking I feel slowed by trying to think and lay down my story at the same time. Shorts and flash, poetry and prompts are papered first , where pen or pencil is mainlined to the page from my brains . My novel I researched and built and drew my place and it’s people by pen, paper, post its, notebooks and flip charts, then the computer began to lay the words. P.S. editing is … poo no matter how you do it. 😯😕😇 pps… #iamediting


    1. I think whichever way works for the writer is the most important. Pen and paper or the computer board, it’s all good. I’m glad you found a way that works for you. Editing is harder but believe it or not, I LOVE it!! It’s where I can feel my story taking shape. I use both the pen and paper AND keyboard for these drafts.

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      1. The Edit makes or breaks a book, that I am certain of. But The write challenges your imagination where the edit challenges your grammar punctuation and level of education.


      2. I tend to write short in my first drafts, so I find myself still writing new material even in draft 3 as things change and characters reveal themselves further to me. What starts at 30k in a first draft, doubles in the second, and triples in the third to bring me in where I want to be. New plotlines occur, things I see I need to expand on happen, it’s all just part of the process. Sometimes, even with an outline, I’m not sure where a scene/plot point will take me until I explore it then I decide if it works or not with the story.

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