Book Talk…3/18/16


Book Talk…3/19/16

Traci Kenworth


  1. The Silver ChairS. Lewis. 1953 Harper Collins Publishers.

Eustace has changed since The Voyage of the Dawn Treader so much now that he’s no longer a bully and has just come under the wrath of the old gang he used to hang with. Jill, too, faces their ridicule. Together, they wish to escape elsewhere. Eustace suggests that they put in a call to Narnia. Soon, Aslan greets them and sends them on an adventure to save the missing prince.


I enjoyed this one even more than the previous book!! Eustace and Jill are quite the pair when they decide to go on this adventure, as in not trusting each other and not seeing eye-to-eye. But that quickly changes as they are joined by a marsh-wiggle named Puddlegum. With an air of negativity, he keeps things on the downside but not enough to sour the journey. He just expects the least so he won’t be disappointed.


The story goes that the prince one day fell under the spell of a giant serpent who killed his mother. Another reference to Christianity and the garden of Eden. I find these books quite enchanting and comforting as well. It paints a picture of a better life to be had by all.  With so much negativity in the world, at times, books like these soothe the soul, offer more than just a story. I think we can all use that some times. I simply cannot wait for the final book in the series, though I must as I have three other books to get through before I can get to that one.


Tell me, did you read this book? What are your thoughts on it? Do you believe in a better place for everyone?  


  1. The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart. William Morrow & Co. 1973.

Merlin makes ready for a legend. This is the story of a young King Arthur. He’s days in hiding before he became everything he would be. This is the story of Merlin, how he prepared Arthur, how a snake grew in their midst.


Merlin has spent many days patiently waiting for Arthur to grown into who he would be. Remaining in the hollow hills until it was time to go and search for the sword who would one day make Arthur king. During this time, Uther is growing ill, fading away. He longs for a proper heir but is denied such. At last, he sends for Arthur but there is a long road ahead for the boy who will be king and it won’t necessarily come at his father’s bidding.


I LOVED this story!! I’ve always been intrigued by Merlin and King Arthur and this story is everything it should be. This is the second book in the series, the first being The Crystal Cave which is Merlin’s story, his boyhood and growing up to who he would become. There is magic and wonder in this tale and yet a healthy dose of reality. Was Merlin all-powerful? Only he knows. The Merlin here will surely inspire you. Just as the young Arthur does. It took me longer to read this second book than the first but that’s because I keep this series in my car for apts. And thus it depends on how much time I can catch in-between. What I like is, at the end of these books, Mary Stewart does a note section where you can see what she researched to write this series and if you wish to, explore on your own. I can’t wait to start the next in the series, The Last Enchantment.


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