Writerly Things…2/20/16

photo-1447069387593-a5de0862481e Joanna Kasinko

Photo by Joanna Kosinka at Unsplash

Writerly Things…2/19/16

Traci Kenworth


I’ve learned more tools for my craft kit. First, that P.O.V. means what ONLY the viewpoint character KNOWS. They can’t for example know that the horse is around the corner unless they put it there earlier. Now, they can see A horse around the bend but THE implies they knew it was there. All this courtesy of Fiction University. You should check out their site, they have some good stuff there!!


I also learned how various authors feel about short stories, dialogue, and flash fiction. I’ve been advised to give flash fiction a try. The point is to use your characters to flesh out the challenge and thus discover more about them in the process. You might even be able to use the scenes in your book/short story/WIP. All these links are in the Writing Links in the 3s and 5 from this week.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, you never know where they’ll take you, or what they might unlock in a story!! I sometimes forget this and stick to the known and that can limit you if you’re not careful. Also, again, try and READ as much as you can. I have books with me wherever I go. This helps me fill the little minutes I get waiting for apts. And thus, I’m less grumpy about my time being wasted.


On the writing front, not much done this week, a little here, a little there but no where near as much as I wanted or needed done. Such is life sometimes. Things tend to come up, time runs short, phone calls distract. Still, we have to be diligent about keeping at it, otherwise no progress is made.


How was your writing week? Learn any new tips? Enlighten us!!


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