Traci Kenworth


The world of fantasy invites us through doorways. Just a glimpse beyond the ordinary, the delicate flowers, the enchanting water, the castle towers. It’s the awe, the wonder that draws us into these stories. The need to find out who or what walks these forests, touches the ocean, breathes upon this world. Where would fantasy be without the hobbit holes Tolkien created? Anne McCaffrey’s dragons? Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Seers? The settings are beautiful but sometimes fraught with their own wickedness.

How do we create doorways of our own? We dream. We envision. We use our sword to cut a pathway into another time or dimension. Taking the journey is our first step. Think about what fascinates you about the realms of fantasy you read? How can you go further in your own writing? What if the hobbits have a protector who watches over them? What if she found out someone wanted to take a few of her charges from their home? What risks would she take to keep them safe? Would she abandon the whole to save the few?

The possibilities are endless. Somebody’s masterpiece began with a peek through the veil. Tell us what you see. Your vision, your story will be unique. Doorways are there, waiting for someone to discover them.

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