Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Traci Kenworth




It’s almost that time. Kids and adults getting dressed up in costumes. Apple cider and donuts. Walking through the chilly night to receive Tricks or Treats. I’ll be missing all this, this year as the kids have outgrown Trick or Treating but I still have fond memories of all the times we went as well as those of my own times when a kid. I know some things can be disturbing during Halloween (a couple years ago, a kid dressed up to look like Jason brought his real chainsaw with him), but I think most of us look on the night as a time to have fun and make memories.


I’ve seen some really great costumes (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, anyone? Not the Disney ones, but homemade. Death, who had two heads. A set of the Toy Story crowd.) I love how imaginative some can get and I can’t imagine all the hours that go into making these work. I enjoy hearing the children’s excited squeals as they go from door to door, awaiting whatever delicious treat they’ll find. All checked by their parents thoroughly later, of course. Unfortunately, there is bad to go with the good. One year glass was found in candy around here. Needles another. I feel bad for the people who go to the trouble to make homemade stuff, because you just can’t take the chance anymore.


So this is a post to remind us to celebrate, but do so with caution. Halloween is about spookiness, yes, but let’s remember that sometimes it comes with a dark underlining. To all those participating this year, take care and God bless.




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