Book Review: Bound by C.K. Bryant

Book Review: Bound Book One in the Crystor Series by C.K. Bryant

                                                                                                                 Traci Kenworth


Smashswords Edition 2012                YA Suspense                                      212 pages

Hook: Kira glanced up at the silver eyehook screwed into the gym ceiling.

Kira Edwards is a nice, normal girl whose life is about to fall apart. Not only does she have a nightmare vision in gym class that causes her to lose her grip on the rope she needs to climb, but her mother’s about to throw a sucker punch and abandon her for her new boyfriend. Her best friend, Kira, blackmails her into going up to Black Creek for a series of pictures she wants to take. While there, the two are attacked by a couple of men. Fighting for their lives, Kira is shocked to discover Lydia is from another world: Xantara, she’s a princess, and her brother, Octavian is her guardian.

When Lydia is injured and dying, Octavian shows up and explains the only way to save her is through the Crystor, a magical link between her and another. Before she thinks about it, Kira has bound the Crystor to herself to save Lydia. What she doesn’t realize are there are consequences: the last person to wear the Crystor, another friend back on Xantara of Lydia’s and the fiancé of Octavian, died. Kira learns about their world and the fact that Lydia has two spirits, one the girl Kira knows, the other, a strong, animal-like Altaria. Octavian, as Prince of Xantara, transforms into a beast but doesn’t have the second spirit. As far as he knows, Lydia is the only one for generations.

Lydia’s and Octavian’s sister, Shandira, is bent on killing Lydia for reasons unknown. They escaped to Earth to hide from her. The men that attacked Lydia and Kira were Shandira’s. After Kira returns home and is confronted by more men, Octavian and Lydia rescue her and take her to their cave in the mountains. The more Kira learns about the Crystor, the more she realizes how strong the bond is between her, Lydia and Altaria. She also begins to fall for Octavian, who has been in love with her for a while. To her horror, she realizes she left a picture behind at her home, one of Octavian in the mountains, that could lead Shandira straight to him. She tries to go back and retrieve it, but the men are there, and they’re headed to the mountains.

Bound is a thrill ride in terms of story. Each climb to a newfound piece of the puzzle plummets you back to the earth with the desire to learn more. The characters have you rooting for them. My only problem came with the ending. Instead of my happy one, I received a cliff-hanger. I wish there’d been a little more but it’s definitely worth the read if you like suspense, other worlds, and all-around fun. Looking forward to the next book in the series…

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10 thoughts on “Book Review: Bound by C.K. Bryant

  1. Thanks for reviewing BOUND. I’m so glad you liked it. Sorry about the ending, I’m afraid the second book leaves you hanging a bit, too, but I PROMISE you’ll like the final book’s ending. 🙂


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