Try, Try, Try Again

Louis L'Amour
Louis L’Amour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Try, Try, Try Again

Traci Kenworth


Rejection sometimes puts us up against a wall. It can be heartbreaking to get turned down on a story yet again. The doubts, the slips of self-confidence, the frustration. All take place. What we can’t let happen is the desire to just give up. We’ll never reach our dreams of publishment without facing the dreaded, “nos.” Good can come of this, however. It teaches us to persevere. And isn’t that a big lesson in life?

When you take your first step, you fall. It’s unavoidable. But what is avoidable, is the quitting mentality. You are going to face hurdles just like everyone else is/has. It’s okay. We’re all here for one another, all willing to give that boost up. The choice is whether we’re willing to accept it or not. Of course, I get discouraged, even cry sometimes. It’s all part of the battle.

If I turned aside and walked away from writing, it would be a big mistake for me. Because I’d miss the successes as well as failures. When I first started out, I focused on the goal of sharing my stories. If I could touch one person, I’d be happy. Well, that happened and I mad a new goal. Now, I want to reach as many people as possible with them. I want to know that my characters can inspire, reflect the drive of those around them, and make you fall in love with them.

I went from merely wanting others to read my books, to now wanting to be published. Dreams grow bigger with each step we take, so be prepared. I’ve been thinking about long-term goals too, lately. I’ve decided I don’t want to be a one or even five book wonder. I want to write continuously, and publish as frequently as possible. This doesn’t mean I won’t take off days here and there, but what I mean is I want to be a consistent writer. Louis L’Amour. Danielle Steele. Stephen King. These are all names of writers who beat the odds in the sheer numbers of books they have out there.

I don’t want to disappear in five years, or even ten. I want to be the steady storyteller I know I can be. Will I face rejection over that time? Sure. But I’m going to keep trying no matter what it takes or how much time passes. I will continue to try, try, try again. What are your goals at the moment? Long term? Are you hoping to be “steadfast” or would you rather hit it big and be happy with a moment’s success? All questions to ponder and decide on what we’re really doing this for.

20 thoughts on “Try, Try, Try Again

  1. I want both! LOL!!! And why shouldn’t I have my cake and eat it too? 🙂 (Such a Leo trait, I tell you).

    Great post and a great reminder that it’s easy to walk away, harder to stay, and that applies to anything in life when the going gets rough. Hang in there and keep going for it. Each rejection brings you closer to publication. Don’t lose the dream.


  2. I’ll be here even when they try and drag me out kicking and screaming, K, lol. It’s great to hear from other writers and know that we all support each other through the thick and thin!!


  3. PS. Just thought I’d let you know (before I saw you’ve already received a few awards) I’ve nominated you for another one. You can choose either the Beautiful Blogger Award or the One Lovely Blog, as they both apply to you – or you could do both, if you want! 🙂


  4. A really honest and heartfelt post Traci, I’ll always write, and my aim is to get two YA books a year out there self published until I find an agent. As you say self-doubt and rejection can get in the way, but every avenue people walk in life is littered with hurdles. So, let’s keep on jumping them all together. Thanks for the ‘I’m not alone in all of this’ boost, much needed today, cheers 🙂


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