What a cute cat.

The Ruff Button

No one quality of the mind and heart is more important as an elementconducive to worldly success than civility–that feeling of kindness andlove for our fellow-beings which is expressed in pleasing manners. Yethow many of our young men, with an affected contempt for the forms andconventionalities of life, assume to despise those delicate attentions,that exquisite tenderness of thought and manner, that mark the truegentleman.

 ~Extract from Our Deportment; John H. Young A.M.; 1881


Alas, Dear Reader, it is my burdensome lot in life to have one such contemptuous young man as my relation and employer. One who habitually vexes my good graces and tries my patience down to the last iota.

His name is Teedles (Mr. Teedles to you)

However, this is not the time nor the venue to dwell upon others as I should like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, your humble servant, Pip.

Mr. Pip…

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