Smoke and Bones

Second Campaigner Challenge

Traci Kenworth


I have decided to take Rache Harrie’s challenge and do a 200 word flash fiction piece with it based on the following prompt picture:

Smoke and Bones

The Iaeleter glanced at the bones, a gruesome twist to her lips. “Cremated,” she told my partner, Deid and I. Her gaze met mine. “Alive.”

I glanced around the cave, its mournful cry leftover from the wind pouring through its opening, caused goosebumps to rise along my flesh.

“You’re sure this happened during the Starburst?” Deid asked her.

She nodded.  “The remains tell the tale.”

We kept our backs low until we were free of what had become someone’s tomb.

“What do you think?” I flicked a piece of cobweb from my shoulder.

“I think we’ve got a Aspaileta on our hands.”

“An alien species?”

“It fits the profiles of our vics. They must like their meat really crispy.”

Deid grimaced. He thumbed back the way we’d come. “Think she’s in on it? She did locate the last five bodies.”

“She’s just attuned to their pain. I hear someone like her suffers along with the target.”

“Still makes you wonder,” he said.

“You’re just by nature suspicious.”

“Can’t argue with you there.”

I flipped open my notepad, “how you want to handle this? A visit to the President?”

“The press. They sometimes do our homework for us.”

48 thoughts on “Smoke and Bones

  1. Dang. This is great:) Not sure if you write in this genre or not, but you totally rock it! I would definitely read on–way to bring us in the world and create intensity in so few words. “liked” 😀


  2. Really enjoyed this! Good pacing, dialogue, and delivery of info. I saw a lot and enjoyed the first lines especially. Starburst was what I chose as well. Love that image.

    Good luck & Happy Campaigning!

    Jenn (challenge entry #84)


  3. Unfortunately, I am going to sound like everyone else – An interesting story! You used the prompts well and the piece could very much lead to a larger story! Great work!


  4. Couldn’t find your blog all the time…finally, I found it!!!
    My, that was amazing(both blog and story!)!!! Just left me wanting for more!!! When’s the sequel…? (Pardon me if I’m rushing you; it’s that good!)
    And thanks for the encouragements on my blog…
    Oh, and, “Like”! 😉


  5. You do a great job of fusing a darker subject with a little bit of humor. I love what you’ve done here – its very original in that you’ve created an entire world in the space of 200 words. No easy feat, my friend. 🙂


  6. It seems larger than the 200 words. You’re definitely masterful at creating a spooky atmosphere in just a few words and the dialogue made them feel like well-established characters. Great job!


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  8. I liked your flash fiction piece. It made me want to know more about the characters and the story line. You did a great job. Are you entering my 100 word flash fiction contest with the prompt obsession. Once again you did a great job.


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