A New Tag!!

sledding #705
sledding #705 (Photo credit: found_drama)

Rosewood Pencil Box asked:

1. What flower do you most anticipate every spring? Wildflowers.

2. Which musician do you always go back to? The Eagles.
3. Do you use a rewards system when you write? Has that EVER worked for you? No. I just plant myself in the seat and get down to business. Sometimes I end up with 7 words, other times thousands.
4. Best book you read in 2011? The Hunger Games Trilogy.


5. Is it sunny where you are? The sun is peeking through, believe it or not. We’ve had an amazing Winter so far. One I wished we had every year.
6. Are you a picky eater? Sometimes.
7. Who is *your* non-parental hero? My lawyer for child custody with my ex. She did an awesome job and his right were rightfully terminated.
8. Would you rather go skiing or sledding? Sledding. I’d kill myself skiing. There’s a chance of that sledding too, but I’d rather take those chances then the skiing ones.
9. What came first: the character or the premise? With my current editing one, the character. With the one I’m writing now, the premise.
10. How has your writing habit surprised you? That I’m sticking with the sitting down and getting through it. Rough drafts can ALWAYS be fixed.
11. Favorite TV show? Supernatural.
These questions are for the next 6 to read my blog:
1. Letters or phone calls?
2. Fridays or Sundays?
3. What is your favorite animal and why?
4. Is there a particular point in history your fascinated by?
5. What tips do you use to cheer yourself on from a rejection?
6. Do you write with music or the TV in your background?
7. Cats or dogs?
8. What are your writing habits?
9. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
10. An alien invasion?
11. A Dinosaur resurgence?
Thanks for playing!!

10 thoughts on “A New Tag!!

  1. Love your answers! My daughter could use #7’s info except she lives in WA and he lives in FL. 🙂

    Now to answer your questions:

    1. letters
    2. Fridays
    3. dogs. They’re loyal, they’re always there. They never judge. they are the best.
    4. Renaissance
    5. cry for a bit, sit in the bath with a glass of wine and start writing all over again
    6. yes, but I can tune it out
    7. dogs, though cats have their redeeming features
    8. get up, get a cup of coffee, some breakfast and sit at keyboard. I re-read what I wrote the night before, make some changes and continue on. An hour later or so, I take a 20 – 30 minute walk, clear my head, come back to said keyboard and type some more. As I don’t have a paying job at the moment (though I’m looking), this is what I do all day. In between all that, I wash clothes, mingle with other housemates, play with the pups and the kitties, and e-mail and blog.
    9. put exploding plants in their path and throw plant bombs at them??? 🙂
    10. I’d hire Will Smith
    11. As long as there were no carnivorous dino’s, I’d be perfectly okay with a resurgence. It would be cool. If there were man eating ones, I’d consult with Will Smith and have him take control of an alien craft it blow those raptors to pieces.


  2. Hi — stopping by from the campaign. I got tagged a few times myself, but I thought I’d play along here as well:

    1. Letters or phone calls? Letters.
    2. Fridays or Sundays? Sundays. Football and Downton Abbey.
    3. What is your favorite animal and why? Cats. So cuddly and/or cranky. My husband is allergic so we can’t have any. Boo.
    4. Is there a particular point in history your fascinated by? The 1940s/World War II era.
    5. What tips do you use to cheer yourself on from a rejection? I tell myself that every “no” is one step closer to a “yes.” I usually have a pity party for a couple of hours before I get to that point, however.
    6. Do you write with music or the TV in your background? Yes.
    7. Cats or dogs? Oh, I guess I already answered that one. Cats in my heart, dogs in my house, although we don’t have one at the moment.
    8. What are your writing habits? Rollercoaster would best explain it. I prefer to write in the early morning but usually end up writing after the kids are in bed.
    9. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? No clue. I probably wouldn’t. I’d have to rely on my son, I guess, who has read the Worst Case Scenario Handbooks.
    10. An alien invasion? Ditto.
    11. A Dinosaur resurgence? Ditto.

    Here’s to a great campaign!


    1. Thanks for playing, Sara!! I can heartily agree on the zombie apocalypse–my son is obsessed with them, so he’d have to save the day. I’d leave the alien invasion to Wil Smith, lol, and the Dinosaur–ah, not the house, not the house. LOL.


  3. Hi Traci!
    Here goes nothing.
    1. Letters- oh how I miss pen pals!! 
    2. Sundays- I can sleep…or get up early to read or write before my munchkins join me for the day. 
    3. I love tigers. I have been fascinated my their mythical quality. Strong, beautiful, majestic creatures.
    4. Ancient times. I love how the people established their civilizations. They invented writing, medicine, farming,  and their own economy. I cannot fathom doing any of these things from scratch.
    5.  Oh this one is easy. I’ve NEVER been rejected! Lol. I’m still in the junior writing class. I’m a dreamer and I’m finding my way through plots and mustering up for the format I’d love to write in.  I’m sending positive messages out to the universe 🙂
    6.Music!! But if I’m having a rough ADHD kind of day, silence.
    7. Dogs! I love their sense of humour.
    8. Writing habits? These days I feel as though writing is my hidden addiction. It’s kind of my little secret. Although my husband knows I’m dabbling…he has never been able to figure out when I write. I often get up early on the weekends to try and pound something out before the house is alive. Believe it or not…I sometimes tap madly on my iPhone – until I realize I have hit the zone. Then I email it to myself so I can go type on the laptop. Crazy style. Random!
    9. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? If you can’t beat ’em join ’em 🙂
    10. An alien invasion? I’d get a hold of ET and tell him I need his phone and his big space ship. He seemed friendly enough. 
    11. A Dinosaur resurgence? I would round up every 4 to 6 year old kid possible. They know all there is to know about dinos, and we would take them down. I would need lots of ice…right. So I guess I would order up a dozen glaciers.


    1. Lol. Thanks, Heidi!! Your answer to a dinosaur resurgence is quite unique. It WOULD make sense to round up the kids with their being experts. Gotta love ET. And shudders at the idea of being part of a zombie surge.


  4. 1. Letters or phone calls? Since I am a child of the nineties, I’d have to go with phone calls. I was the Queen of the 3 hr phone sessions. We also had the super long cord that would stretch to the bathroom, so I could have my privacy. LOL…those were the days.

    2. Fridays or Sundays? Fridays for writing, because my oldest doesn’t have school the next day. But Sundays for Once Upon a Time & Downton Abbey!!!

    3. What is your favorite animal and why? Dogs. They are so loyal and loving!

    4. Is there a particular point in history your fascinated by? Jane Austen’s books era…although I would never want to live then. Can we say no tampons, pain pills, & heating pads….live was rough…especially in the Bennet home. Can you imagine Lydia & Mary PMSing? God help Elizabeth and Jane!

    5. What tips do you use to cheer yourself on from a rejection? Chocolate….copious amount of chocolate.

    6. Do you write with music or the TV in your background? Music.

    7. Cats or dogs? Dogs.

    8. What are your writing habits? I write after everyone is in bed, and sometimes until 5-6 in the morning. I need a quiet house!

    9. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? I wouldn’t have to, the Hubs and brothers have already worked out a plan. They can just boss me around.

    10. An alien invasion? Ditto. They have way too much time on their hands!

    11. A Dinosaur resurgence? Hopefully it would only be the plant eaters, because my 3yr old would be chasing them all around wanting to be their best friends.


    1. Oh, my!! I could see that happening–all the kids chasing the dinos to be their friends–lol. I, too, would not want to live back in Jane Austen’s day. No wonder women had the vapors and went to bed for days with headaches!! My son wants to lead the zombie resistence–lol.


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