Keep the Faith

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Keeping the Faith

Traci Kenworth


Recently, I was reminded about the faith it takes to step out into the world and show ourselves for who we are. Where does it come from? What does it take to get us there? I believe that everyone of us possesses a God-given talent. Whether stacking cheerios in a way that they don’t fall to acting onstage to having enough belief in ourselves to come forward and shout, “Here I am world, do your worst.”

It’s hard to take that first leap, for sure. Are we good enough? Will others appreciate our attempts, or look upon us with disdain? But somehow, someway, something inspires us to get out there and try. Can we fail? Certainly. However, what if you don’t? It’s grit and determination that make us put ourselves out there. The fire that keeps the dreams inside us ignited. We can have them broken down, changed even, yet the kernel of talent we’re meant to have and share with the world will stay with us and expand our horizons.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Your talent is unique, individual. No two of us share the same level or abundance. I do know that it becomes a waste though if you don’t attempt to write that first story, step onto that stage, pick up that guitar. If you truly want something, go for it. This is your dream, your time. Reach down inside yourself and find the confidence to bring it to the surface.

Imagine if Einstein hadn’t explored his theory. Cars had never been built, phones used? Yes, writing is a lot different than these inventions but the underlying principle is the same. Somewhere someone picks up a book to read. It could be yours. For one shining moment, you can entertain, touch someone’s life, make their world better. Isn’t that worth all the hours of frustration, worry, and scrambling to pull plotlines together?

So how do you know you’re ready to send out your work? At some point, you have to have enough confidence in what you’ve written to do so. When you can look at your writing and see a growth, when that shy bird is ready to fly again, it’s time. It takes faith to walk across a runway, to give a speech, to grasp another’s hand in a future endeavor. Don’t let fear hold you back. Faith can indeed move mountains. Find it in yourself and you will rise above the clouds.

12 thoughts on “Keep the Faith

  1. Fear can be a nasty thing, huh? Even though I’m pubbed and have another book coming out soon, I still worry about what I send out to my editor. Is this good enough? Ready? What more can I change….there’s just a point where you have to take that leap of faith. 🙂 Crit partners come in handy here along with beta readers. 🙂 They can help determine if the story is ready to send out. 🙂


  2. Yes, it can be nasty, Lynn. The best thing to do is just work through it though like I’m sure you do. I’m thankful I get more confident with each story I write, it gives me the courage and the ambition to get out there and sub my work.


  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Traci. 🙂 It’s good to be reminded that I’m called to do what I’m doing, to keep on keeping on and getting better and better and better. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for writing this post! I will come back to it many times…until I get writing. All that you hit on here, are the exact things that “get in the way” form. Add in 2 young children and my crazy teaching job. I seem to look for the “right time” not just any time.
    Beautifully said!!!


    1. I’m so happy to have helped, Heidi!! Life is so distracting that we really have to work to find time to focus on our writing. I spent a lot of years feeling guilty as a single working mother/ I’ve learned that this time I take for writing actually restores me to being a better person and mother by taking time out to do something I love and that nourishes me.


  5. Some days it’s hard to have faith in your writing. You can get a request and do a happy dance, but the next day a rejection comes in from a query that leaves you doubting yourself. If you remind yourself just how subjective it all is, then it’s easier to deal with.

    Great post, Traci. 😀


  6. Thanks, Stina!! It truly is like walking with a razor in your hands, waiting for the next cut to happen and any moment can pick you up (a breakthrough in the story) or knock you down (that form rejection). Its tough to hold on sometimes but then there are days like today when I actually get to help people with something I’m written and that makes it all worth it.


  7. So true. I find that it’s always that first step taken in faith that’s the hardest. After that, things get a lot easier until something happens to test me. Then I usually have to take another first step. 🙂


  8. I think we all do, Misha. And after the first step, there’s always another, or two or three or… The important thing to remember is, it can be done and a new path found. It’s just one foot at a time…


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