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I Got Called a Very Skilled Writer

Traci Kenworth


OMG. I can’t tell you all the details but let’s just say that when I opened my e-mail yesterday I was expecting another form rejection (you know, you brace yourself when one of your queries comes back because if you don’t it’ll be like having your dreams crushed a little further). Anyway this one was a personal rejection from said agent and she just was so nice and thanked me for subbing to her and she could see that I was a very skilled writer but she was sad she had to pass. I’m doing dances over here. I was a little down (as all writers get insecure about their work), but this quick response picked me way up. I can’t tell you the hope it inspired in me and how grateful I am to that agent for her kind words. You can be assured that she’ll go on my list of agents to sub to in the future with a different project should this one not get picked up.

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