Lessons Learned from Shopping Online During Black Friday

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Lessons Learned from Black Friday Shopping Online

Traci Kenworth


The store I visited first opened at 10 p.m. For a week before, I scoured their ads, noting the times for each item to go on sale, and had my lists all set. So what happened when it came time to buy? Well, the items didn’t go on sale. I then waited for the second sale of the night, thinking maybe I’d written down the wrong times. The prices still were the same. In the meantime, I tried other stores, having trouble with getting on several of their websites as they had too much traffic.

I went back to my main store. Still nothing on sale. I knew the next sale for them didn’t happen until 8 a.m. but by this time was fed up with the waiting. So I made my way over to Amazon, where I got some great deals, at less of a hassle. When 8 a.m. came, the items I wanted finally went on sale, but I’d already gotten them (some costing a couple dollars more, some way less) at Amazon.

Overall, I’m happy with my Amazon visit. Their prices on things dropped swiftly after midnight and I was able to get things there that were out of stock online elsewhere. Although, I didn’t have much to spend, I was able to get some things off my kids’ Christmas list that will help immensely during the last days countdown to the holiday. Next year, I’m going to know to wait till the last sale for what I want, or go with Amazon in the first place. Especially knowing they’ll have what I want, without fear of there only being so many copies.

So, how was your shopping experience? Did you get the deals you sought out?


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