Where has the Year Gone?

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Where has this Year Gone?

Traci Kenworth


As I go through this week, waiting for the clocks to change back one hour, I’m reflecting on the year and thinking: where has it gone? It seems like it was just Spring yesterday and I was getting ready to plant, and enjoy the warm weather. Now, it’s blustery and cold and headed for that dreaded “S” word. I try and think back over my goals. Have I met them?

Not as I hoped I would, but I did end the year with two manuscripts to whip into shape, one to go out soon. So, it’s not a total loss. It’s not like I did nothing to advance my writing. A lot of hard work, researching agents, making sure things are fixed just right. It’ll pay off, just not as soon as I’d like.

This year saw the introduction of two new kitties to our household. They’re fitting in just fine. The kids and I survived another year and things are on their way. Sometimes, we’re filled with regret for what we don’t do, but we should focus on what we’ve accomplished. I know as a writer I’ve grown more in this year than ever before. I also know that my family is strong and my children make me proud. What more could I ask for on the home-front?

I don’t think I’m going to make New Year’s Resolutions this year, I think I’ll just let happen what will. I think if we work toward our goals without specifying that we’ll have A or B done at a certain time, we take the pressure off ourselves. It’s good to push yourself to succeed, just remember you’re human, and to try your best. You’ll see some improvement even if it’s just that you finally finished that book you’ve been talking about writing forever. Every little step counts. So maybe the year’s flown by, but we can still keep our chins up, content in the knowledge, we’re on our way.

3 thoughts on “Where has the Year Gone?

  1. Time just goes so fast. Nice post.

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