Researching Agents

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Researching Agents

Traci Kenworth


It has been two weeks of research, research, into agents I’d previously had in mind to update information about them, to make sure I have their addresses, emails, names etc. right. This is a very important step as I don’t want to end up with an agent I’m not compatible with, who doesn’t handle my genre, or someone whose left the business altogether.

I’ve weeded out some because of the genre I’m writing in: YA Supernatural Horror. Others because of warnings under Absolute Water Cooler, or predators and editors. It pays to do your homework. You don’t want to end up regretting your decision. Remember, though, there are some fabulous agents out there who want to do their best to work with you and find your book its home.

I think there’s probably a lot of pressure on both the writer’s and agent’s side when it comes to the deal, but in the end, with God’s grace, it’ll work out.

7 thoughts on “Researching Agents

  1. Researching agents is definitely time consuming. Of course there are always the ones we know by reputation, then the checking of blogs/clients etc. Looking at sales. And visiting the agent websites to figure what types of books they rep/don’t rep.

    Then we have to put together lists ahh…LOL. But it’s good that you’re doing this. You want someone who’s going to love your stories as much as you do. The agent process is hard, but so worth it. Great post.


  2. It takes FOREVER, but its worth it. There’s nothing worse than sending a query and then realizing after that the agent has a bad rep (been there, done that).

    But it is worth it! Looking forward to reading your success story!


  3. Ugh. I hate market research. But it’s so necessary. Here’s to all of us finding the right one!

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse


  4. You are so right, Vanessa, the first time out I was contacted by one who I thought was my dream agent–till I read about her on preditors & editors–thankfully I side-stepped that one. Lesson learned.

    Yes, Becca!! Here’s to the right one!!


  5. I found query tracker so helpful when I was looking for agents. And Literary Rambles, Guide to Literary Agents Blog, Agent Query and Verla Kay’s.

    It’s tough but you’re going about this the right way! Good luck Traci–I’m crossing everything for you!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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