The Little Things

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The Little Things

Traci Kenworth


The little things in life often seem bigger than they really are. We sometimes make them so huge they cause stress and meltdowns. I find if I just take a moment to regroup, listen to God, and write awhile, a solution often comes to me. Right now, I could really let things edge me out of my joy but I try not to. If you’ve ever read or watched Joyce Meyer, she’s got tons of books out on the subject, but The Confidant Woman is my favorite.

In everything she writes about, she talks about God’s influence on our lives, on who we are, who we could be. What she says makes a lot of sense to me. We don’t have to feel guilty about our short-comings; we just have to give them to God. The blessings her work have taught me have changed my life.

Another pastor, Joel Osteen, lifts my spirits further. He talks about a God that wants us to succeed, to become stronger, better people, to grasp all that we are offered in life. For so long, it’s been hard to pray about my dreams, to give them the attention they deserve, but I’m finally learning to go to God, to talk things out with him, and thus my confidence and abilities are seeming to soar higher than ever.

This isn’t a column to browbeat you about religion, I’m simply talking about how my faith has opened up possibilities I couldn’t imagine. It’s seen me through my haunted teenage years, a broken and tragic marriage, the overcoming of brutal circumstances forced on me and my children. It’s healed my heart and given me hope to go on. As Joyce says, “Jesus did not die so we could have a religion; he died so we could have an intimate relationship with him.”

I think that’s the key to letting the little things in life pass us by. You find courage that you didn’t know you had, strength to get through the day, and a promise that although tomorrow might be more of the same, we don’t face it alone.

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