Blogger Award

Seven things about me, hmmm.

1. I love my horror, but the more subtle and less gross versions. Lol. Some favorites are Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. I also read lots of Stephen King, Peter Straub, Christopher Pike, Stephanie Meyer, the list goes on.

2. I also love my comedies. Some favorites are How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and What Stays in Vegas.

3. Oh, this is getting hard. Lol. I hate driving in the city. I know, who doesn’t?

4. My taste in cars tends to run blah. I barely know what make and model most are. But, I have to admit, now that I’m thinking about buying a newer one next fall, I’ve been known to peek.

5. I wait to the last minute to order my checks. As I’m doing currently and then it’s rush, rush on the boxes…

6. Okay, I’m stumped here. Hm. I love to cook. I’m taking six different recipes with me to the store this week. I watch Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Gia, anyone I can learn from.

7. I guess the above references that I watch a lot of tv. Really not true. I tape everything to my dvr and catch up on them as I free time comes available.

Well, there you have it.

I’m not sure who to pass this to as everyone I think has been chosen. So, I’ll just list the fabulous ladies I’m priveleged to be able to write alongside.







Other members of YAFF whose blogs I’m not sure if they have: Clara Kensie, Joey Nichols, and Penny Randall.

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