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                                                         Following the Rules…

   So, here we go, my other beautiful cohort blogger awards go to:







 There are four other ladies I’d like to mention though they don’t have blogs that I’m aware of: Kara, Martina, Jenn, and Barbara. All of those above have helped me “grow” as a writer so much.

Ok, now the 7 facts about me: Hmmm…

1. Organization is not something I do.  I tend to be all over the place with things. And although my desk, at the moment, doesn’t look too bad now that I’ve got slots in the new one, I’m not sure how long it will stay that way. lol.

2. I love to laugh. I have an absurd sense of humor and love to sprinkle it about. Which will be a tad weird to the YAFF members as I’m becoming known for my creepy stories to them. lol. Ok, so I go to extremes…lol.

3. I live out in Amish country. Yes, the community is mostly Amish where I live but I enjoy being here. It’s such a nice, quiet town and the people are so interesting. Except, of course, when that horse buggy goes down the road blaring its rap. The vibrations are enough to make your head ache.

4. I’m a Christian. I gave my life to the Lord when I was sixteen and though I’ve been through some rough spots with him, I’ve never wavered in my faith that he’ll make everything work out all right in the end. And, he, in return demonstrated faith in me by giving me this writing talent.

5. I’m an animal person. No, I don’t have scads of animals, just one dog and one cat but I just adore our four and sometimes two-legged friends. There’s something so “homey” about them.

6. I can’t swim. You would think that being my sign is the water-bearer that I’d love the water. Nope. I almost drowned 3 times when a kid and have a tremendous fear of the water that I pray I’m not passing on to my own children. They need practice, practice, practice in the water. 

7. Like almost all writers, my home is my library. I have books that I read as a child and adult, some of which I’m still working my way through thanks to book sales as I’m constantly adding to the collection. When I move somewhere, my books are usually the first things I cart to the new place myself as I fear others will lose them along the way. lol.


One thought on “Blog Award

  1. You’re a sweetheart Traci. Thanks for the award. I love that you live in ‘Amish Country’. We pass by Amish farms and buggy’s here too. Though there were more Amish living in the area before the economy went bad. Enjoyed learning more about you through your blog. (And I’m always thrilled to meet a fellow Christian!!)


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